Which is Better, Olukai Sandals near me or Olukai Womens Slippers near me?

Choosing between Olukai sandals near me and Olukai womens slippers near me depends on the user’s preference. Of course, both have pros and cons and it depends on the weather condition. While this may seem like an odd comparison to you, there are possible benefits you could get from making this swap.

Wearing slippers always feels like you’re walking on clouds, and they are like a loyal friend that is there to support you when you come in at the end of the day. However, they get rather warm! A pair of slippers can make even the worst day into a much better one, but during the warmer months of the year, getting sweaty feet is much easier. Fur-lined and made from synthetic materials, it is unlikely that your feet will benefit from getting fresh air. Your feet will sweat more as a result of the additional heat, and this allows the growth of bacteria, which will cause them to smell. Everyone dislikes stinky shoes.

Sandals are an excellent option for this area. In exchange for your slippers, you should purchase a set of slider-style shoes. These will still be comfortable, but aren’t as constricting.

What if You Prefer to Buy Olukai Womens Slippers near me?

Lightweight footwear, such as slippers, are convenient to put on and take off, and are mostly intended for indoor wear, such as at home. However, even outdoor, it can still be used. When you buy Olukai womens slippers near me, you are not out of fashion as Hansensurf store ensures that comfort comes with fashion. They have a wide variety to choose from. Get a 10% discount on your first order online or have a free shipping when you buy more than $50 worth of items. This promo simply shows how the company values its customer by bringing affordable yet high quality products.

Olukai Sandals Near me, also a great option

Sandals are the best way to allow your feet to breathe in hot weather, and they’re also the perfect footwear for showing off those freshly-pedicured tootsies when it comes to getting glammed up! For just about any type of footwear, Olukai sandals near me are a practical alternative. Aim for practicality when choosing new outfits and you’ll never want to wear anything else during the day. So, if you purchase one, you’ll probably use it in almost all kinds of occasion.


When choosing whether to buy Olukai Sandals near me or Olukai Womens Slippers near me, there should be no further discussion. Simple solution is to buy both. They are both affordable and are both have high qualities. Sandals and slippers are both comfortable to wear and can be used depending on the weather or simply depends on the preference. To sum it up, it’s a must to have both slippers and sandals especially if you’re a lady.

Business Presentations – How Boring Are You?

Are you boring your audience to tears?

If you’re in a leadership position, most people will not come forward and tell you to your face: “You’re boring!” Let’s face it. There’s too much survival instinct to risk losing your job. Instead, people tend to have less obvious signs — but they are immediately recognizable if you are looking.

These signs include:

1. Looking at Watches and Clocks

“How long is this going to last?” is the subtitle you should read if you see participants glancing at their watches…or repeatedly looking at the clock.

While there is a remote possibility that they have another commitment, the more common reason is: you’re boring everyone to tears.

2. Edging Towards The Door

“Maybe I can sneak out…” is the verbal message of this body language. Standing near the door, edging towards the exit, and sneaking out early signs are definite warning signs.

3. Packing Up Supplies – Early

If you notice participants are packing up supplies, gathering handouts and loading up their briefcases, you’re in trouble. You are not commanding attention. Instead, you’re having the opposite affect. They can’t wait to leave.

4. Checking Email and Voicemail

Again, you just aren’t all that riveting. Sad to say, but you may need to make an agreement or ground rule with the group. Agree to maintain focus on what’s going on in the room.

Texting and checking for messages is highly distracting to other participants. And it’s a clear signal that some people are more interested in what’s not in the room.

5. Leafing Through Handouts

This habit is the bane of presenters. If participants leaf through the handouts, what are they saying? “I can see it all here — why should I bother listening to you?”

One way to prevent this is to change the handouts. Provide maps that participants fill in with bits of information from your presentation. This holds attention and keeps participants engaged with your delivery.

In addition, experiment with providing handouts at the end of your talk. This prevents the “snatch and grab” habit that is so common to conventions and industry meetings. Participants often grab handouts rather than taking the time to sit and participate in presentations.

Recently, I shared this technique with one of my executive coaching clients. He now uses hand-drawn maps to encourage participants to fill in information during his talk – and has eliminated the habit of ‘snatch-and-grab.’

If you find this habit is common in your conferences, change the type of handout you provide. Also, adjust the timing of when you provide handouts.

If you notice these signs and symptoms of boredom routinely crop up during your presentation, be proactive. Work with an expert presentation coach to improve your delivery skills. A coach can point out small things that can make a huge difference in your persuasive delivery. With objective feedback you can gain the leverage you need to give engaging and dynamic presentations.

Don’t risk boring your audience. Develop your presentation skills so you can effectively engage any audience, on any topic.

Credit Card Debt Negotiation – How Debt Settlement Process Works

Credit card debt negotiation is a must for people who are struggling with credit card debt. People who have lost their jobs are barely feeding themselves and their families. They won’t be able to pay credit card bills, although they might want to, because they simply don’t have the money. If you’re one of those consumer debtors and are looking for a way out then learn how debt settlement process can help reduce your debt.

When you don’t pay your credit cards bills, the sad result is that your credit score suffer, and debt collectors start making aggressive and sometimes harassing phone calls. This only adds to your stress and your sadness. Again, you may want to pay your bills. However, in bad financial straights you simply won’t be able to pay your card bills.

In such a situation you need professional agencies that will both protect you from harassment and that will help you see your way to a financial solution for your card bills. Agencies that can help consumers are known as credit card debt negotiation or settlement companies. A debt negotiation company works with the bill collectors, and negotiates both a final debt amount owed, and a reasonable debt repayment schedule — after you enroll in their debt negotiation program.

For example, if you owe $12k in credit card debt, the debt negotiation service can call the bill collectors, and negotiate a final debt settlement of maybe $8k. This saves you $4k right from the start. Then, the debt arbitration company would plan with the bill collectors a reasonable repayment schedule based upon your income. Once the debt is paid off, you don’t have to worry about outstanding debt, and your credit score will improve in time.

While this sounds like a huge relief for some, there are concerns for others. Many consumers are worried that credit card debt negotiation may negatively impact their credit rating. They fear that their credit rating will drop while they are being handled by a debt settlement company.

Truth is your credit score will decrease because there is outstanding debt that has gone into collections and the amount of debt that will be collected on will be reduced. However, keep in mind that any drop in the credit score is temporary. The important point is to pay off your debt. Once the debts are paid off your credit score will improve.