Promotional Conference Folders Present Your Materials With Style

Your marketing department has worked hard to develop its presentation for an upcoming conference. They’ve developed informational leaflets, a CD presentation, backup literature – even a sample of the product. The only question remaining is how to present your information at the conference in a way that will impress. If you’re looking for a professional, memorable presentation for your materials, you might consider packaging it in one of a range of stylish, sophisticated and useful promotional conference folders.

The advantages of providing promotional conference folders for attendees

The important part of your presentation is the image, of course, but the presentation can make a very big difference to its reception. The advantages of using a promotional conference folder for your presentation include:

promotional conference folders organize all your materials into one handy package

promotional conference folders make a professional impression on your audience

depending on the folders that you choose, you can provide your audience with a notepad and pen for easy note-taking, and help them organize the information you present for easy dissemination

conference folders allow you to package your materials to send to those who can’t attend the conference – and still make a great impression

when you emboss or print your company logo on promotional conference folders, you’ll reap the additional benefit of increasing the visibility of your company

How to Choose Promotional Conference Folders

The promotional conference folders that you choose for your presentation will color the reception that your information will get from its recipients. That’s not to say that your information is any less important if it were delivered in a cardboard folder – but there’s no doubt that first impressions make a big difference. The folder that you choose will be the cover by which your book is judged. With that in mind, consider the following when choosing the right promotional conference folders for your upcoming conference:

How much needs to fit into your conference folders? Be sure that your conference folder is big enough to hold all of your materials without crowding.

Should you include a note pad in the folder? Most include an A4 notepad.

What sort of printing do you want to use on your conference folders? There are essentially three different kinds of imprinting for conference folders – foil block, embossing and color printing. Be sure that you choose a folder that is compatible with the kind of printing you choose.

Does your presentation include specialty items? Everything that you’re handing out as takeaways should fit into the folder. If your promotional materials include a CD or DVD, chose conference folders with a CD pocket. If your budget permits, you might even choose a promotional folder with a calculator pocket – and include the calculator so that your audience can follow along during your presentation.

Since your conference folder will make a first impression – not only at the conference but after, when it goes home with attendees – it makes sense to invest in the highest quality promotional conference folders that you can afford.