The Best Family Present? Your Presence

Picture this: One Sunday morning you (the father of the family) wake up and feel that you want to buy something for the family just to make them happy and to show them that you you really love them. You begin to think what could you buy that would make them all happy …… one minute, before you go to buy an expensive new Play Station or dining room set let me suggest something which the whole family appreciates much more than all of that- your presence! The wonderful feeling of being cared for, connected to and supported by a parent or spouse is worth more than any piece of furniture or electronic gadget.

Every member of the family, the mother, the children and, do you know what, even the father, benefit from Dad being around.

  • The mother
    1. If there are young children in the house Dad is another set of hands to wash dishes, do the laundry, and bathe the children.
    2. Young children usually go into bed easier when the father is home.
    3. With older children a male usually can control the annoying antics of young adolescents that drive women (and everyone else for that matter) crazy.
    4. If there are a few small children in the house and the mother is a “stay at home mom” then letting your wife speak to you, an adult, can literally save her sanity!
    5. But more important than all of this is that as long as you are around, you can tell and show your wife how much you care for her and appreciate all that she does in the house.

Isn’t this worth more than a new dining room set?

  • The children
    1. Students are more likely to do and complete homework when the father is around.
    2. The father can help them with difficult assignments either by taking an active part in solving the problem or just by giving encouraging words.
    3. A father who spends time with his children can detect problems before they get big and speak to the teacher for a solution. (Studies show that parent’s involvement in their children’s education is a better predictor of achievement in school than income or social status!)
    4. A father helps build a child s self image and builds their self confidence because they feel protected (fathers are generally bigger and stronger than young adolescents). Besides this, success in school and other activities are big contributors to a positive self image and self esteem.

    Isn’t feeling good about oneself, feeling a sense of accomplishment, and feeling protected worth more than a new stereo unit?

    • The Father
    1. When the father is around he gets to see first hand HIS child grow and develop and not only hear second hand from the mother.
    2. He gets to experience pure and genuine smiles that his children give him when he comes home. (Believe me, after a tough and trying day at work, there is nothing better than a smiling little child running up and hugging you when you come through the door!)
    3. Another added benefit is that when your little children become adults they will WANT to help you all that they can to pay back for all that you did for them.

    Isn’t this worth more than going out for a night with the guys?

    Sounds good? Sounds great! But you are probably saying to yourself, “Easier said than done!” You are one hundred percent right; it IS easier said than done. It’s not always easy (at least for me and a lot of you who are reading this) to put personal desires like to read a book, watch an exciting football game or just to rest for a few minutes without being bombarded with question like, “Daddy, who was the thirteenths president?” But like a lot of good things in life, the initial investment bears dividends later on down the line.

    To make it easier for me to be less stingy with with my time for my family I sometimes eat a few crackers right before I come home at night so I won’t be hungry and edgy and so I can say a few nice word to all of the kids. I also try to finish all business calls from a cell phone before I get into the house so when I finally do get into the house I give my family the best present: my total presence.

    Things to Avoid When Launching a Product

    If you are launching a new product there are certain things that you really should avoid. In this article I am going to discuss the most important things to avoid to ensure that your product launch is successful.

    There are many people who suggest that you use hyped up sales pitches when it comes to launching your product. This is now very off putting and if anything will decrease your sales. People are much more savvy these days and are on the lookout for potential scams. Having a sales pitch that is hyped triggers alarm bells. You can easily write a sales letter that compels people to purchase without adding hype.

    Keep your promises
    When you prepare for your product launch and you state when it is going to happen you must keep that promise. If you don’t keep to your word then people very quickly lose trust. Sometimes you will not be given a second chance so you really do need to make sure that you deliver on your promises.
    This is also true when it comes to things that you have promised in your product itself. If you don’t deliver on those promises and people don’t get that promised information in your product then again you will lose trust and credibility.

    Limited copies
    People often encourage a sense of urgency to increase the number of sales. One way to create a sense of urgency is to only allow a limited number of copies of your product to be sold. However, when you are selling a digital product suggesting that you are going to limit the number of copies becomes senseless. With physical copies you can understand that you can put a limit on the number sold but a digital product is available and can be downloaded as many times as your web host server can manage. Therefore putting a limited number of copies available can impact your credibility negatively.

    Screen shots
    The use of screen shots to provide evidence of your earnings is something you need to be very careful with and if anything avoid. Although a large number of people still use them it is very easy to create false screen shots and in fact many people use other people’s screen shots without specifically mentioning it. I believe this is very misleading and unethical.

    These are just a few things that I believe you should avoid when launching your new product. It is always best to under promise and then over deliver. Having a reputation of being someone who over delivers is going to boost your reputation and credibility.

    Debt Negotiation – How Much Debt Will I Reduce With Professional Negotiation?

    A debt negotiation is thought to be an ideal way to counter the problems of unsecured debts. Using negotiations option results into a deduction in borrowed money easily. A lot of people are really confused about the working of these negotiations like they are uncertain about the amount of debt which will be reduced after these debt negotiations. The whole process in not difficult because only few preferences are required to keep in mind during all these negotiations.

    First and the foremost step is to select and hire services of a well known debt negotiation company. A person should also know about its working as well. The negotiation period consists of professionals from the company informing and telling lender about the critical economic condition of borrower. Moreover, the company professional informs the lender that severe financial conditions of borrower are the main reason for all these problems in paying back the amounts. A person should also keep one thing in mind that lenders would always try to get their entire amount back so they will never agree for debt negotiations easily. They would try their best to get all their money back. We can say that it is one of the most difficult tasks to agree the lenders on these negotiation deals. But in the end lenders would agree because they want their money and in this case the best possible solution is to threat the lender about filling bankruptcy because in this case lender would not get the money so it can be a very useful way to make lender agree with the settlement plan. Lenders want as much money as they could recover so they will agree with negotiations.

    With the help of these negotiations debt deals a person gets 50% to 70% deduction in the total outstanding amount. These deals are getting very popular because they help people greatly. It will not be wrong to say that debt negotiation can be called as the best option to get out of debt problems in a limited time. Now finance institutions and different Banks are also opting for these negotiation deals to happen because through these deals every one is getting some type of relief in this global downturn.