Make Incredible Presentations With Tips From These Four PowerPoint Presentations

Want to be great? Of course you do, especially when you’re on stage and you have a crowd of people listening to your every word. At that moment, you want everything to be perfect. You want captivating slides, inspiring images, chill inducing pauses, let’s just say you want the presentations “works”.

But no one can be perfect at the beginning, or at least that’s what we’re told when we’re just starting out. If you are a beginner presenter and want to rock the house like veteran speakers, you’ve found the right article.

Below I’ve listed six incredible presentations that you can use to create your own incredible presentations. All you have to do is look at the style, the design, the language, the fonts, the colors and you should be able to open PowerPoint with a strong sense of what you can accomplish.

You can find all of these presentations by searching for them on It’s a dynamic community of presenters and their presentations. Anyways, let’s hop in

Number One – Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs
The presentation title pretty much tells you why this is a must watch slideshow. Everyone can learn from one of the greatest presenters of our time.

Number Two – PowerPoint Porn
Jesse Dee is everyone’s favorite PowerPoint designer. He does it again with this presentation by creating a slideshow of the top slides he’s seen over the years. Catchy title, catchy images, you can learn a little more with every slide advance.

Number Three – Rethinking Presentation Design
I love this presentation because the message is something that everyone who is working on a presentation should know: stick to one point. In fact, get to the point and then prove your point throughout the presentation. This is something we speak highly of within our own eBook titled, “Look Both Ways Before Crossing PowerPoint”.

Number Four – How to present at Tedx
We love TED. You love TED. The videos that constantly go viral online are just a small part of the overall community. What’s really huge is TEDx! This is a presentation specifically for that large community of TEDx-ers, but there are a lot of lessons we can all use in here.

That’s all I have for now. Make sure to check out the other presentations on presentations at Slideshare and a blog post titled, “7 Great Presentations on How to Make Great Presentations” at Slidegarden.
Have fun and (don’t) break a leg, unless it’s a part of your show.