How to Sell Cars: Negotiating Skills in Selling Cars

When learning how to sell cars there are many skills you will become familiar with. You will certainly learn the importance of negotiating skills in selling cars, because that is one of the basic abilities that you may be called upon to use on your first day at work!

Depending upon the size of the auto sales firm you work for, you will find that there are many different types of negotiation you may be called upon to use. In a large company with many different departments, you may only have to use negotiation in the price of the vehicle, although in many large businesses of this type the prices are set and not open to negotiation!

Know How to Sell a Car

In many such cases you need have no auto sales skills at all – you are a retailer selling a product as seen at a fixed price. You sell it then somebody else looks after service agreements, insurances and payment arrangements. However, the vast majority of auto sales outlets are not like that – many are small businesses or franchises employing limited sales staff that is expected to deal with the entire sale, from showing the vehicle to signing the forms.

If you know how to sell a car in such a way that the customer believes that they are getting a good product for the price they are paying, then you are doing a good job. You and the customer can agree on terms without the stress that is often part of the car sales process. You should know how to control a negotiation from the start, and make the entire process easy for you and for the customer. This will make more money for your employer and in turn, more money for you.

Bargaining and Negotiating Skills in Selling Cars

Sometimes you will come across people who are determined to ‘get something free’ from you as part of their bargaining. In a regular car sales outlet, the sales personnel have the task of negotiating with potential customers on a number of aspects of the auto sales industry. Among these are:

• The price of the vehicle.

• Car valeting or detailing included.

• Free delivery to the purchaser’s home.

• Trade-in of old vehicle and price reduction for trade in.

• First year or 6-month insurance included.

• Free windscreen coding

• Best financing options available

and much more. Sometimes such requests can become quite demanding and heated. You must learn how to refuse and defuse them without losing the sale. In fact most of the above extras can be offered – but as optional extras. Proper training will help you to spot when a prospect is close to buying, and what is needed to nudge them into the decision.

Offering extras such as the above should not be on your agenda, unless provided as a ‘clincher’ in advance by your employer. No good salesperson will turn down a $5,000 sale for the sake of $40 of cleaning! However, you need to know how to turn down such ‘demands’ without upsetting the customer. A car sales course can teach you how to do this.

Learn How to Sell Cars with Good Negotiating Skills

Negotiation involves assessing the prospect, understanding what they are ultimately looking for and how much they like the vehicle. There is a fair bit of psychology involved, and the better your training the more likely you will be to make the correct decisions.

So where do you learn such negotiating skills? The usual way is on the job, which means you are either a natural or you will make mistakes – mistakes that could set you back on your career. Why not avoid all this hassle and get some professional training on how to sell cars and how to negotiate properly.

Be sure that if you come across an expert negotiator trying to buy a used car from your lot, that they will walk away with more than you perhaps should have offered. Turn that around, and you become the expert negotiator. You can then make sure that you get the best price for your employer, and that will work wonders for your promotion prospects!