7 Tips on Real Estate Sales Presentation

The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph! – Marvin Phillips

I have always been fascinated with this quote. I mean, it is simple, yes, but that mere sentence, when you say it out loud, it has to obligate a certain degree of character for you to convey it effectively and with impact. After all, what is ‘umph’, anyway?

Well, ‘umph’ or ‘oomph’, as defined is a noun that depicts the quality of being exciting, invigorating, or anything that you may find appealing or attractive. In the world of sales, specifically real estate sales, it is crucial to not incorporate such, because you wouldn’t want your targets wallowing in the pit of sales progress charts, would you? More often than not, salesheads fear to admit the decrease in their production scale, and are later on faced with dilemmas on how to resolve what are seemingly hopeless predicaments, that can otherwise be addressed with more contemporary solutions.

Speaking of solutions, one of the best ways is to start going back to the basics, and evaluate effectiveness by the existing strategies employed. This will also further identify and improve what is lacking, what needs to be sustained, what is still necessary, and what is not. Since presentation is the core of the whole sales transaction, it may be imperative to prioritize the needed knowledge, attitude and skills circumventing this stage. And to hasten optimum development, you can find below a list of things we have to consider in securing a successful real estate sales presentation.

1. Have a winning image.

Power grooming is one of the best ways to achieve a wining image. Your appearance is the first thing, your client will see. This will give him or her, an idea of who or what kind of professional he or she is dealing with. Personal image is also a way of communication, without having to say anything. It shows your clients your work ethics, and how much importance you give in the sales transaction.

Punctuality holds a very strong factor as well. Not just being on time, but being ahead of time will put your image two notches higher. This communicates respect and value not just with your client’s time, but also your own.

And of course, flash a big smile when dealing with your clients. A salesperson’s aura matters a lot, that’s why a lot of agents who can make their clients smile and those who have a good sense of humour tend to sell more than those of their less engaging and energetic counterparts. Studies have shown that building good rapport is a prerogative before, during, and after the real estate sales transaction; therefore it is obligatory to establish rapport even before the introduction of your sales pitches. And this can be highlighted with a winning smile.

2. Learn your product by heart. And soul.

Preparation is probably the meat of that winning image you are trying to profess, and of course in extension to make that target sale today. You have to ensure that you are able to familiarize yourself with all details of your project and you can effectively handle objections whatever concern your clients may raise.

A majority of real estate salespersons succeed when they know the location, the nearby establishments, landmarks, the routes, shortcuts, transportation terminals, and the travel time it will take to arrive to such places from the starting point, which is the real estate property they are selling.

It’s not just enough to know your product by heart; you have to immerse yourself with all its parts to become more effective. Through this, it would be easy for you to discuss, present, sell and close your sales.

3. Probing is key.

Every client is unique. Each prospect you encounter has a different story and need. Why are they looking for a property? Why is a certain location holds so much importance to them? Do they work nearby? If not, where? Is the everyday commute bothering so much? Do they have their own place, or are they renting? If they get a property, like a pasig condo, will they be living there, or they will have the unit rented? The probing questions can go on and on. And through this you will not just get to know the client, his needs and know what condominium to offer, but you will be able to grab this chance to build rapport. Establishing a good connection or relationship with your client is one of the best ways to win them over.

4. Offer alternatives.

One of the tried and tested closing techniques that most successful salespeople use is that they give options. They give pros and cons of two possible investments, and they try to cite which is more favourable to the client. Most concerns vary and depend on location, feasibility, lifestyle offerings and budget. Client will have now two good options, and will decide which one is better and more practical. In this way, it would be easier to decide.

5. Enlighten on cost-efficient investment.

Price is the ultimate deciding factor in the sales transaction. Since this would determine if a sale can be a “go”, or a “no”. The salesperson’s role here now is to enlighten client how his investment’s value can increase overtime. One can refer to past price increases, how much they were, and what percent were these actual increases in relation to the original prices. And of course, never omitting to mention that price increase is a positive thing, because it means that investing in real estate truly produces progressive results. This will give the buyer a source of reference how positive is this affirmation. You can even provide a table to monitor the comparison.

You can also introduce the concept of rentals to your clients. They can get a unit, and have it rented or sold in a higher price in the future. Anyway, it is a guarantee that the amount they pay today, can increase, double or triple in an estimate of 5 to 10 years.

6. Go Mobile.

Investing in a smartphone is a must especially if you’re in sales. In this way you can connect more with your existing pool of clients, and have a bigger chance to grow it more. You can download social media applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wechat, Viber, Skype and LinkedIn. These are mainly used for communication, and can also be a vehicle to conduct presentations because you can send photos, videos, files and even do videochats.

For other real estate relevant applications, you can also try CamScanner, SignEasy, Loan Calculator and Magic Plan.

7. Grow your network.

When you have already exhausted your friends’ list, and sent private messages to all your contacts, it is time to create more connections. From your existing list of clients, you can grow this by asking for referrals. But before they even give you one, you have to ensure that they are satisfied with your service, or else they won’t recommend you.

LinkedIn, both the site and application can help you heaps in this situation. All you just need to do is to type any company, position, industry, or any word that may be related to work, and the search engine of LinkedIn will do the job for you and provide you a list of possible people you may get in contact with. You can send private messages to these strangers (for now), and share or offer your product, schedule an appointment or presentation, or just say that you would like to connect with them for a possible collaboration in the future. Just be friendly, polite, and non-obligatory. Most selling-orientated emails or messages, do not get a response back, so be very careful not to overdo this.

There you have it! I hope these basic tips can add more dynamics in your sales presentation. These are not a guarantee that you will hit your targets right away, but it is assured that if you follow these, your results will definitely soar to higher to ground. So just go and close those sales! Good luck!